A complex case benefits from the collaborative approach

Orthopaedic Surgeons

The orthopaedic department is dedicated to the prevention diagnosis and treatment of injuries and disease that affect patients bones, joints ligament, tendons, musles neuro provide 24 hours overage of all orthopaedic problems including inpatient consultation, emergency coverage. The outpatient clinic is dedicated to manage of elective urge orthopaedic conditions.our experienced surgeons use the latest techniques and materials to find the perfect implant for every patient – one that suits their age, anatomy and lifestyle, and fits comfortably, enabling them to return to an active life. Ankara Sa Ekimi All surgeries are performed in modular operating theatres with advanced Laminar Air Flow systems, which ensure 99.9% infection-free environments. Total body exhaust suits, used by the operating team, and the sophisticated ICU wards keep infection levels much below global standards. The chances for infection are further reduced as most surgeries are performed using minimally-invasive techniques, Our dedicated surgical teams, trained in these specialised procedures, are led by highly-skilled orthopaedic surgeons who have had extensive training and experience. After surgery, our experienced physiotherapists works with each patient, one-on-one, to restore their mobility and comfort. All these factors ensure that our patients recover faster, need a shorter stay at the hospital, and go back to their normal routines easily, without the necessity of a repeat surgery later.


MBBS., DNB.,(ortho)