A complex case benefits from the collaborative approach

Paediatrics & Neonatology

The paediatric is well equipped to manage sick babies. The unit is equipped with all monitoring and life support systems like multi [parameter monitor. There is in addition a transport ventilator and incubator for transport ventilator and incubator for transferring very sick newborns. The unit is supported by all specialities like cardiology, neurology, clinical laboratory. The department has a hublot replica special pogramme of screening thenewborns and is very active in immunization programmes. Ankara Sa Ekimi All high-risk deliveries are attended by one of the pediatrician who is well - trained in Neonatal resuscitation of babies. The department also has a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where sick newborns are taken care of. This unit is fully equipped with Radiantwarmer, incubator and phototherapy unit. Preventive Care is the preferred mode of healthcare especially in case of children. All babies are regularly weighed and diet advice is provided along with routine immunizations in the outpatient department. Apart from these, the replica panerai newer vaccines like the 'Hib vaccine (vaccine against 'Hib meningitis), Brain fever, Hepatitis B vaccine and the typhoid vaccine are also administered. Prenatal services and counselling are also offered.


M.B.B.S., DNB.,(Paed)